WHV Partner Levels

As a We Honor Veterans Partner, there are four levels your organization can achieve. Each level guides you through specific activities using practical resources to progressively increase your ability to serve Veterans. The primary goals of each Partner level are described below:

Recruit Get oriented and commit to the We Honor Veterans program 

Level 1 Provide Veteran-centric education for staff and volunteers, and identify patients with military experience

Level 2 Build organizational capacity to provide quality care for Veterans

Level 3 Develop and strengthen relationships with VA medical centers and other Veteran organizations

Level 4 Increase access and improve quality of care for Veterans in your community

Hospices can “earn their stars” and matching logo by completing activities for each of the four levels of commitment. This enables VA staff and Veterans to easily identify hospices that have made a commitment to offer Veteran-specific care and services provided by a competent and highly skilled workforce.

As a Partner, hospices may promote their level of commitment to Veterans by displaying the We Honor Veterans Partner logo on their websites, as well as community outreach and educational materials.

Examples of WHV Level Activities

  • Recruit - Complete and submit the WHV Partner Commitment form.
  • Level 1 - Ask about military history and know what to do with the answer. Using the Military History Checklist or similar questions, hospice staff can learn more about the Veteran's military service and the implications it may have for the care and services to be provided by the hospice staff. We Honor Veterans Educational materials are designed to ensure the staff are prepared to meet the Veteran's needs.
  • Level 2 - Partner to improve care. Through Hospice-Veteran Partnership (HVP) development between community hospices, state hospice organizations and VA facilities, collaborative efforts ensure that excellent care at the end of life is available for our nation's Veterans and their families.
  • Level 3 - Extend VA and community reach to improve care and access.
  • Level 4 - Improve quality by measuring the impact of VA and community interventions.