We Honor Veterans Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I enroll as a partner with We Honor Veterans?

To enroll in our program, go to www.wehonorveterans.org/hospice-partners. Click on the "Get Started" button on that webpage and you will be directed to more information and specific directions.


How do I enroll as a non-Hospice partner with We Honor Veterans?

We have only recently opened the program up to non-hospice organizations caring for seriously ill Veterans and their families. For further information, please contact us at veterans@nhpco.org.


I don’t have or can’t find my Unique Identifier.

Please submit a request to receive your organization’s Unique Identifier by clicking here. If you do not have the previous contact’s email address, please send your organization’s information by clicking here.

I need to change or update my organization’s contact information.

Please email us at veterans@nhpco.org with your organization’s name and address and include the new contact information.

I’m not getting any announcements or updates from We Honor Veterans.

To ensure that your organization’s contacts are up to date and subscribed to our mailings, please send the contact’s name and email to veterans@nhpco.org

I’ve submitted an Activity Report or a contact form and have not heard anything back.

We have recently had an increase in submissions and we appreciate your patience. We will get to your submission as quickly as we can and you will receive a response within two weeks.

I am taking over my role as primary contact for my organization’s We Honor Veterans program and would like to see what we have submitted so far.

To access partner forms, please click here and enter your Unique Identifier. Under the menu on the left side, you will see “Past Submissions”. If you do not see any forms listed under your Unique Identifier, then a significant time has passed and your previous submissions are no longer available.

How can I find the designated Hospice and Palliative Care contact person at the closest VA and/or Community Based Outpatient Clinic?

To locate the nearest VA office, please click here to find the office nearest to you. It is also helpful to find another We Honor Veterans partners in your area and reach out to inquire who their contact is. To find another partner in your area, search in our Partner Directory.

What is a Hospice-Veteran Partnership (HVP) and what do I need to do to join one?

A Hospice Veteran Partnership (HVP) is a coalition of VA facilities, Veteran Service Organizations and most importantly other community hospices. We ask that you identify such a partnership either locally, regionally or state-wide. Many areas already have active HVPs; please search our HVP Roster to see if there is one near your hospice. Additionally, you can find out more information about HVPs in your state by calling or emailing your State Hospice Organization.

There is not an HVP listed in my area. What should I do?

Partners can also meet this requirement by bringing all three of the HVP components together into a local collaboration. We recommend first reaching out to other partners in your area to see what partnerships already exist. Please search our Partner Directory to find other We Honor Partners in your area.

I'm having trouble accessing my activity report, what can I do?

Our system is not always compatible with Internet Explorer. When trying to submit your activities, make sure you are using Firefox or Google Chrome. If you are still having trouble accessing your report, please contact us at veterans@nhpco.org