Partner Level Three

Level Three: Develop and strengthen relationships with VA medical centers and other Veteran organizations.

To become a Level Three Partner:

WHV Partner Level Three may immediately begin working on Partner Level Four activities. 

WHV Partner Level Three Required Activities

Staff and Volunteer Education and Programs
Conduct a minimum of three (3) different (topics, not audiences) Veteran-specific presentations for administrative and clinical staff and volunteers within your hospice organization - different from presentations delivered for Level One and Two Activities. Educational PowerPoint presentations and additional resources can be found at
Continue to integrate Veteran-specific content into staff and volunteer orientation and education within your organization.
Develop, implement and set up evaluation of a Veteran-to-Veteran Volunteer Program.
Community Education
Conduct veteran-specific outreach presentations in at least 1 Veteran organization venue and 1 community organization venue (rotary, chamber of commerce, churches, etc) OR 1 healthcare venue (hospitals, nursing homes, adult day health care, etc). Educational PowerPoint presentations and additional resources can be found at
Integrate Military History Checklist process (or equivalent) into referral/intake procedures. Conduct an annual evaluation of the process.
Continue to review Veteran-specific Practice Examples of NHPCO’s Standards of Practice for Hospice Programs with staff and volunteers within your organization. 
Using information gathered from the Military History Checklist (or equivalent), monitor and evaluate demographics of Veterans served by your organization to track trends. 
Develop, implement and evaluate procedures for assisting Veterans and families to access Veteran benefits (see Veterans Benefits PPT at and/or online course provided by NHPCO)
VA Medical Centers and Veterans Service Organizations
Continue ongoing relationship development with designated VA contact person and one or more Veterans service organizations.   Document phone and/or in-person meetings. 
Local, regional and statewide Hospice-Veteran Partnerships
Actively participate in local, regional or statewide Hospice-Veteran Partnership. 
Document meetings and other activities.