Veteran Community Partnerships

In addition to the collaborative efforts with VA to develop We Honor Veterans, NHPCO is a contractor to assist with the development of VA’s Veterans Community Partnership initiative.

Veteran Community Partnerships (VCP) is a national initiative developed by Veterans Health Administration’s (VHA) Geriatrics and Extended Care (GEC) Services to ensure that all Veterans and their caregivers will have access to, and choices among, the services that allow our Veterans to stay in the places they call home.

VCPS are coalitions of Veterans and their caregivers, Department of Veterans (VA) facilities, community health providers, organizations, and agencies working together to foster on behalf of Veterans seamless access to, and transitions among, the full continuum of non-institutional extended care and support services in VA and the community. 

VCP is an expansion of the Hospice-Veteran Partnership initiative and seeks to facilitate Veterans’ access to a broader scope of service types and providers beyond end-of-life care including homelessness, mental health, rural Veterans, caregivers, dementia, and countless others.

Onsite trainings are available to assist VA facilities to develop a VCP.  To learn more about VCP, contact: Gwynn Sullivan ( sends e-mail).

VCP & VA Resources: