Veteran Stories

When Oscar was 18, he had two choices: become a ‪‎sharecropper or join the military. He enlisted in the ‪‎Navy and became a Seaman First Class during WWII. To read more on his story please click here
Meet US Army Air, Staff Sergeant Dr. Norman Leo Stock, awarded multiple medals for his military service. Aug. 5th 2015 AseraCare of Johnstown honored a patient in his home, for his services in the US Air Corps. A wooden plaque, made by a fellow veteran, was presented to him, by our Executive Director, Danielle Cimba, his RN/CM Samantha Griffith & our Veteran volunteer Edward Mihalacki...

Once a Marine, Always a Marine

John Kelley expressed his desire for a uniform for his burial so his Walla Walla Community Hospice social worker stepped in to make his dream come true.  

Robert Louis Copus Sr. was a WWII Veteran who served in the Occupation of the Philippines and was a hospice and palliative care patient at the Alacare, VA.  He was unable to attend his grandson’s graduation from the Navy. To learn more about how these two were reunited pleaseclick here.

Meet James “Spike” Sandifer:

Mr. Sandifer flew a Piper Club airplane in WWII with the Army Air Corps during the invasion of Europe. 

After the war ended, he spent the rest of his life raising 4 boys with his bride of 62 years. 

Solaris Hospice, TX 
In honor of Memorial Day, Solaris Hospice decided to interview
a couple of their very own employees who doubled as Veterans.

Watch the video and listen to their stories.  

Crossroads Hospice, Memphis, TN: Level Four Partner

Read the story of BJ Martin, a U.S. Navy Veteran who served in the South Pacific during WWII

Hospice Advantage Flint, MI

Hospice Advantage’s Veteran patient Floyd Coffield is listed among the heroes of Genesee County WWII veterans! 

Learn more about this Veteran’s story and what one volunteer at Hospice Advantage did to honor his service! 

MJHS Hospice and Palliative Care, New York, NY: Level Four Partner 

Hebert Epstein is a retired Captain and WWII Veteran, as well as a patient at MJHS Hospice and Palliative Care. Read Captain Epstein's story!

Intrepid Hospice, North Charleston, SC: Level Four Partner A Lifetime of Service

Volunteer Coordinator Shelli Clark writes about the importance of honoring all Veterans, including her specific recognition of MSG Richard C. Wiedenhoeft. 


Homestead Hospice, Roswell, GA: Level Three Partner
Major General James C. Smith joined the Army at the age of 17 into the 6th Calvary. He served 38 years of active duty combat beginning in WWII through the Korean and Vietnam Wars.

During his military career, he was trained as a paratrooper, flew 6 wings, and was the first Golden Cup Pilot. Homestead Hospice in Roswell, GA had the pleasure to honor this amazing hero!


Heroes Among Us: The Story of Wendall Squires

Read about Corporal Squire's unique service during WWII. 

BAYADA Hospice, Norwich, VT: Level One Partner

BAYADA Hospice Fulfills World War II Veteran’s Ultimate Wish