Veteran to Veteran Letters of Thanks

A few years ago WHV Partner Bayada Hospice was caring for a World War II Veteran. The Veteran had spent time in Germany and was struggling with letting go, due to guilt from his time overseas. An active duty comrade, stationed in Germany at the time, wrote to this patient, letting him know the impact that had been left, how he is remembered, and that his service is not in vain. Although the letter did not make it in time for this patient to read it, the letter has been given to other WW II Veterans in their care as an additional way to say "Thank You".

Currently there are 8 letters from active duty military, who are all stationed around the world. These letters are available to be shared with any and all Veterans. The goal is to continue collecting letters, maybe even videos, from active duty military, to say thank you to the Veterans who have gone before them.

Please feel free to email us your letters at so that we can help to carry out this initiative.