Level 5 Overview and Activities

The long-awaited Level 5 program is now open to all qualifying hospice partners. Like other partner level requirements, there is an outline of required partner activities to be completed for approval. Unlike the other levels, however, Level 5 will be different – we will require partners to complete their activities on a yearly basis. You will need to be recertified year after year to keep your Level 5 certification. For reference, our Veteran Plan of Care outline is linked below - it is a requirement to include in your organization's procedures. To begin your work on Level 5 activities and get the list of requirements to be completed within a year, email the WHV team at veterans@nhpco.org the following information:

*NOTE Due to the high number of inquiries, please allow 3-4 business days for a response.

1. Organization Name

2. WHV Partner Contact Name (*Please note this is the staff member WHV will be communicating with to check in on activities)

3. Unique Identifier

4. Hospice Organization Full Address

5. Date of Level 4 Completion

Once we receive your information and confirm that you have completed Level 4, we will send you the required activities. Please note that by submitting your request to complete Level 5, you are making a commitment to see the program through.

Congratulations to Certified Level 5 Pilot Partners

Beacon Hospice, an Amedisys Company (Hyannis, MA)

The Elizabeth Hospice (San Diego, CA)

Hospice of the Chesapeake (Pasadena, MD)

Arkansas Hospice, Inc (North Little Rock, AR)

Curo SouthernCare (Evansville, IN)

Tidewell Hospice (Sarasota, FL)

Caris HealthCare (Knoxville, TN)

AseraCare Hospice (Altoona, PA)

Sutter Care at Home (Concord, CA)

Kindred Hospice (San Antonio, TX)

MJHS Hospice and Palliative Care (New York, NY)